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Frequently asked questions

About Comunicae

What is Comunicae? Comunicae is an online distribution service of press releases created as a channel of communication between people who have something to communicate and people who want to receive content in a segmented way.

Who is Comunicae for? All those people, companies, organizations or entities wishing to communicate something through a press release, as well as to all those journalists, media or blogs who wish to receive content of their interest.

Is Comunicae a communication or marketing agency? Neither. Comunicae is an online press release distribution service.

Why Comunicae? Comunicae is the only distribution service of press releases which sends the content only to media, journalists and potentially interested bloggers. Each press release is sent to the appropriate recipients, we do not do mass-mailing without any sense. That is not communication.

Is the result guaranteed? In real communication it is not possible to guarantee a specific number of mentions, visits, leads or customers, however, with the good use of communication all can be improved. We guarantee real quality communication nothing more and nothing less. Furthermore, our satisfaction policy is clear: "If you are not satisfied with our service we guarantee a full refund". Hence, you will never lose!

How to use Comunicae?

What do I need to start using Comunicae? The only thing you need is a newsworthy fact that you wish to convey to the media. From there you only have to write a press release and if you don't know how to do itWe offer our help.

How do I send my first press release? The first thing you should do isSelect the distribution type. Then you should only complete the form with your press release and your information and we take care of the rest. It's that easy!

What are the differences between the different types of distribution? Comunicae puts at your disposal our national mailing and personalized international shipments so that you choose the one that suits you best. Both the national and international shipments include: publication + distribution + complete report with clipping + guaranteed mentions

If you'd like more information, please contact us via our contact form or call us at 932753127 34 or at 34 914872174

What happens when once I send my press release? Once you send your press release the process of validation begins. Our content team will review your press release to ensure that it is correct and once validated it will be then in distribution queue. This process usually takes a few hours, but if you are in a hurry and want your press release to be distributed as soon as possible you can select "Express delivery" mode in the submission form.

Can I program my distributions? During the submission process, you will find "set distribution option" in which you can specify the day and time that you want to publish and distribute your press release.

How can I see the results of my distribution? In your user dashboard you will find the reports of all your distributions. If you have Premium distribution, the report you will see will include basic distribution information: the number of people your press release was distributed to and the number of impacts it had in Comunicae. If you have Premium+ distribution or higher you will see the online mentions of your press release and your estimated audience.

Characteristics of press releases

Can I send any content? No, we only distribute of quality press releases containing newsworthy events. Classified ads, opinion articles or similar, are not valid content. We also do not accept press releases of low quality, with spelling errors or sensationalist headlines.

Can my press release contain links? Yes, you can include links that are necessary in the body of your press release. According to Google recommendationdefault links are "nofollow", but you can modify them once inside your press release.

Can I attach images or videos? Yes, you can post images, videos and additional documents such as a press kit.

Must I indicate my contact details in the press release? A press release should include the necessary contact details so that recipients can request more information. In the submission form you will find a section for this information, but keep in mind that, with the exception of your email address, contact details that you specify will be public and might appear published in some media, therefore, we recommend that you use your professional contact information and never personal contact information.