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Monitor your impact in the network

Knowing your impact in the media will help you improve your business communication strategy. Comunicae provides the most relevant information on the impact of your press releases so that you can optimize your marketing and get a better recurrence..

Know your impact

The best way to plan and improve the communication of your business is to know the results of your news releases. Comunicae provides complete reports including the most relevant information on your news releases and the impact of your communications. Know how many people echoed your news, which media is talking about your brand or the impact of your latest product..

Impact report

We provide the metrics of all the viewing of your press release thanks to our direct distribution. You will know how many people viewed your news in Comunicae, in our social networks, our feeds and the emails we distribute etc. Daily and total values are included in the statistics 15 days after distribution..

see sample report

Clipping of mentions

There is no better way to measure the effectiveness of a distribution than knowing the number of media and people who have echoed the news , consequently , the impact generated be these mentions . We track all of those mentions and measure your esteemed audience. Thanks to this clipping you can know the total impact and effectiveness of your marketing strategies.